Desce, yeah
Sobe, yeah

Sobe, desce yeah
Desce e sobe, yeah

Got it from your mama
Picture perfect call it Picasso
Had your engine roaring like a
Lamborghini Gallardo
Wake up in the morning next to you
And say obrigado
Want no body else unless it’s you
Abeg you come we roll

Já falei que te quero e você me quer, né?
De moto, de carro ou então a pé
Tá pronta pra ser a minha mulher?

O mozão, teu olhar que me seduziu
Já cansei de falar e você não ouviu
Te chamei pra morar aqui no Brasil

Então desce de um jeito sensual
Joga a bunda pra mim, na cara de pau
Tá gostoso, tá maneiro, tá legal?

You see me standing you know whose who
You got the old I got the new new
Yeah we the leaders of the new school
New school
Stretch Take another step
And if you keep up
Then you know what’s next
I’ma show you what the price is
Cuz I’m just full of surprises

Face time on my phone she just de hola me any time when I show she just de bother me
Mike Tyson we’re biting and fighting karate
Droupie groupie groupie alert !

If I Break your heart my apology
Blame it on the recession the economy
Top down mat black definition of lifestyle hype man fully charged battery no de die down turn me on you be light switch
Your smoking hot Dunhill switch
Ifunanya adaora
Red lips your like Rita Ora
Na you be my new employer
Welcome to my web explorer
Be my miss I go be your mister
Picture a diamond ring on your fing