Olha a Explosão Remix


Essa novinha é terrorista
É especialista
Olha o que ela faz
No baile funk com as amigas
Olha a Explosão


2 Chainz
Ba da boom
Lingerie filled up the room
Slipped her off her feet like a broom
I see you tryna fit in it, ain’t no room
She want a selfie, I took the selfie
You tryna get rich
I’m tryna get wealthy
Aim for the stars
Expensive cars
Flying over mars
Playing with guitars
This is the sound
I’m feeling it now
Travel the globe
I’m back and behold
I’m inside their soul
Outside the lot
I call all the shots
I’m balling, you’re not
Ball in my court
I turned up the torch
I’m going real fast
My hand on her ass
Brazilian with the wagon
Eating bossanova
Call me Casanova


De Brazil pal mundo entero
Quien es la que se anota primero
Paque Bailemos
Funky funky funk

Te traje un ritmo que te gusto
Baila que baila que baile funk
Dale pegaito hasta abajo y slow
Con tu flow flow flow.


Fresh like I just hopped out the womb
Top jet fuel
Running on fumes
6 inch coming soon
Bad boy like Loon
I’m in Holland
Shawty on Opioid ballon
Pull up to the club
Spending 20’s since Madonna
Every time I step out it be 6 commas
Baby girl playing it’s in just your mind
Diamonds 3D I’m a National