E ae DJ RD
Salve Kondzilla
É o Cheebaaaaaa

I been waitin for a bit
I been waitin for a bit
Bitcoin got me lit
Bitcoin got me lit
(Repetir 2x)

So la do brooklyn
Mas tô no brasil
Matheus aviso Bitcoin subiu
Colei em são paulo
Brotei la no rio
My mind on a 1,000
We making them mills
My mind on a 1,000 we making the mills
Straight out from Brooklyn mas tô no Brasil

(Repetir 4x)
Tô digital Tal tal tal tal tal
(Eu tô digital)

On that gringo cria shit (you know it’s lit)
I’m different I’m different (you know it’s lit)
don’t talk much just listen (you know it’s lit)
when the crypto call then you know that it’s liddit ouuuh (you know it’s lit)

You already know the vibes
It’s your boy Cheeba
Brooklyn-São paulo connection
All the way from New york to Brasil
Que isso DJ RD, Ta foda
Shit really crazy man
I cant even believe I’m here right now
It’s like its my first funk song ever and
Its just like a hit already